Levelized Billing

With levelized billing you can avoid the winter and summer highs in your bill by averaging your amount due each month. The amount changes each month as your usage fluctuates, but you never have the settle up month you have with budget billing.

With levelized billing, your monthly electric bill becomes a "rolling average" of your use for the most recent 12 months. For example, this month's bill would be the average use of the previous 11 months, plus the current month. By averaging your changes in use over a 12-month period, your bill will remain fairly consistent every month, even in very cold or hot months when use may be unusually high.

Levelized billing is very different from budget billing. Because a rolling average method is used, your amount due will vary from month to month. Although levelized billing can help take the shock out of your bill during extremely cold or hot weather, your bill will not be the exact same amount each month.

This billing option is available to members who have at least 12 months of credit history with the cooperative at the service address where budget billing is requested and must not have exceeded the following annual use by service type:

  • Electric service – any single or three phase account using less than 200,000 kWh per year
  • Natural Gas – any service using less than 30,000 ccf per year

Eligible members must also be current with their bills and the account must have a $0.00 balance before being enrolled.

The only time you have to reconcile your account is when you leave Jo-Carroll Energy or switch service addresses. If a member on levelized billing becomes delinquent or enters into a delayed payment agreement, they will be removed from the program.

For additional information or to enroll in Jo-Carroll Energy's levelized billing program, log-in to your account on the MyAccount portal or contact our Member Services Department at 800-858-5522 or email us at info@jocarroll.com.