Jo-Carroll Energy's incentive program is designed to help residential and commercial members save money and promote energy efficiency.

JCE offers numerous incentives that members can take advantage of to save money. Incentives range installing geothermal and purchasing Energy Star approved appliances to custom incentives for agriculture and commercial uses.

Commercial and nonresidential members are encouraged to contact the cooperative for more information about available incentives, an incentive quote (approximation) and/or an energy analysis.

Incentives cap at $20,000 per member account per year. and must be submitted within three months of purchase or installation.

Incentives for Electric Accounts

Electric Ag - Commercial & Industrial 

Electric Appliances & Lighting

Electric Compressed Air Audit 

Electric Water Heaters

TSE House Program 

Electric HVAC:

Residential Electric Heat Rate & Opt-in Form

Incentives for Natural Gas Accounts

Incentives available to members of the cooperative with Natural Gas accounts and those in areas of potential fuel switching to Natural Gas:

Natural Gas - Energy Efficiency Incentives 

Natural Gas - Fuel Switching

Natural Gas - Outdoor Appliances 

Incentives for Existing Homes 

Insulation & Air Sealing for existing homes- Residential 

*For Commercial and Ag Incentives please contact John Scott at 800-858-5522 ext 1339.