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Kill-A-Watt Meters

Worried about phantom load? Want to know if you'll save by buying a new appliance? We can help.

Kill-A-Watt Meter checkout program

Sometimes a one-time use of a kilowatt meter can help you assess the need to unplug a space heater, detect a phantom load or determine the amount of savings possible by switching from an old appliance to a new one.

Libraries within the Jo-Carroll Energy service territory have been supplied with Kill-A-Watt meters that members and nonmembers can check out just like a book or video. Patrons must abide by rules set forth by the library for use, checkout and late fees.

This is a free service provided within our service territory. Kill-A-Watt meters are also available at our offices in Elizabeth, Savanna and Geneseo. Meters from Jo-Carroll Energy offices are available for two weeks and are subject to 50 cents per day late fees.

Visit your local library or Jo-Carroll Energy office to check out a meter today!

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