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Flooding hampers outage restoration

Due to flooding in parts of the Jo-Carroll Energy service territory early Saturday morning, line crews were pulled from the areas served by the cooperative's Canyon Substation for safety reasons. This includes the Apple River, Stockton and Elizabeth areas.

Several roads have been closed or washed out throughout the region. The flooding is hampering outage restoration efforts in some areas. The cooperative has several outages scattered throughout the territory due to the heavy storms overnight.

Cooperative members should report outages by calling 800-858-5522.

Flash floods result in quickly moving water that can sweep away objects in its path. Such flooding develops within hours, and in addition to the destruction caused, the waters can also cover up electrical hazards. Six inches of rapidly flowing water can knock over an adult and two feet can carry away a vehicle.

The speed and depth of flood waters are often difficult to visually assess. If you are walking or driving and you see rising waters, remember the National Weather Service’s advice: turn around, don’t drown. 

Be on the lookout for downed power lines which could be covered by flood waters. If you see a downed line while walking or driving, stay far away and call 911 and the co-op immediately.

Water and electricity make a dangerous combination in homes as well, so keep these safety tips in mind:

  • If your home has flooded, and the electricity was not turned off beforehand, do not enter any room where water may be in contact with electrical equipment or outlets.
  • Keep in mind that electrical equipment does not have to be visibly arcing or sparking to be dangerous.
  • Never attempt to turn off power at the breaker box if you must stand in water to do so. If you cannot reach your breaker box safely, call your electric utility to shut off power at the meter.

Even after the water has receded, there are important safety steps yet to take. Have an electrician check the condition of your home before you turn the power on after a flood. Before turning on an appliance that has been wet, make sure it has been inspected by a service repair worker.

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