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Gain independence for your loved ones with FirstCall® - available to members and nonmembers within our FirstCall territory.First Call

This service provides loved ones with around-the-clock medical monitoring technology at the touch of a button. Instantly, your loved one can be in contact with emergency services (if necessary) or a trusted caregiver to help them.

FirstCall links the provided telephone to an emergency pendant that can be pushed to connect to a trained dispatcher. The emergency response transmitter can be worn at all times, indoors or out. Professional, trained central station operators are available 24 hours a day. If emergency medical  help is needed, the appropriate authorities will be contacted immediately. If the situation is not an emergency, a predetermined family member, neighbor or friend can be called to assist.

FirstCall service is available for $26 per month, with a one-time connection fee of $10.

FirstCall medical monitoring service is a simple, cost-effective solution that allows a loved one the satisfaction of independent living with the peace-of-mind that comes in knowing there is always someone to help. Call Jo-Carroll Energy at 800-858-5522 to schedule an installation today.

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