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Budget Billing

Budget billing can help you manage your energy costs by allowing you to proportion the same amount each month. Monthly utilitiy bills can vary significantly throughout the year due to cold winter and hot, humid summers. With our budget billing plan you can levelize your payments throughout the year, removing the month-to-month fluctuations caused by changing weather.

Budget billing allows eligible members to pay the same or slightly varied amounts each month so that you know how much your monthly payment will be regardless of the current month's actual use and charges. Budget billing does not reduce your overall energy expense; it simply allows you to spread out your annual energy expense evenly over a 12-month period.

All residential members of Jo-Carroll Energy who are current with their bills are eligible for budget billing.

Your base budget amount is the average of the previous year's total charges for kWh, customer charge, wholesale power cost adjustment and tax. This total is rounded to the nearest dollar and reflected on your monthly invoice as the "Amount Due". However, if your account has additional charges, such as late fees, services charges, NSF fees or underpayment of a previous month's billing, these charges will increase the total amount due for that month. You will need to pay the total amount due printed on the bill.

Budget amounts are recalculated in May, based on the previous 12 months' actual charges. This recalculation may result in a higher or lower monthly budget amount to be paid.

If an account misses two months of payments during the 12-month period, the member is no longer eligible for budget billing. A budget billed account may be disconnected for nonpayment.

For additional information or to enroll in Jo-Carroll Energy's budget billing program, log-in to your account on the MyAccount portal or contact our Member Services Department at 800-858-5522 or email us at

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