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Area Lighting

Outdoor area lighting is an effective way to illuminate the outdoors during the night, at times when you need it most. With photocell technology, it provides you with the comfort of light from dusk to dawn without the hassle of flipping a switch.

Area lighting can be a great measure against intrusions, criminal activitiy or just simply a great way to increase the feeling of safety at night. Outdoor area lighting can be used in residential, commercial or industrial settings.

Jo-Carroll Energy offers fixtures in a variety of different wattages and styles, available to all members of the cooperative for their outdoor lighting needs within the Jo-Carroll Energy service area at a low monthly rate. All area lights are controlled by a dusk to dawn photo-sensitive device. The lighting is maintenance free. The co-op will own and maintain the light so you don't have to worry. All area light services are installed on any existing secondary pole at no installation charge to the member. If additional secondary facilities are required, the cost of labor and material for the additional installation will be charged to the member and must be paid prior to construction.

Jo-Carroll Energy computes area light rates based on the assumption that each light will be installed for a minimum of five years. Members who request an area light be removed before the five years have elapses may be required to sign a contract or pay a deposit before Jo-Carroll Energy will install another area light.

Full cutoff reflectors

Full cutoff reflectors are available and are a good way to reduce light pollution. Sky glow is defined as the illumination of the night sky by electric lights.

Area lighting that shines upward and to the sides creates an effect of light pollution while reducing the visibility of the skies. Full cutoff lighting reflectors do not allow any light to escape the fixture above 90 degrees.

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The reflectors distribute the light toward the ground in a more defined pattern, while forcing less light upward and to the sides, minimizing light pollution.

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